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藤岡 知恵
02 June 2030 @ 12:39 am
hello there! 
I'm keeping my journal Friends Only, but if you think
we have lots in common or just want to see if we can
hit it off then please feel free to add me! \8D/ 
friends are always welcomed here! ;)
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藤岡 知恵
15 November 2009 @ 01:07 am
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Leave a comment with a little bit about yourself and a favorite pic/gif of ANYTHING you desire.
Whether it be your favorite group, person or drama. ANYTHING.
See what people have the same interests. You know how a friending meme works.
We're all looking forward to new friends right? :)
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藤岡 知恵
23 February 2009 @ 05:35 pm
hi there~
i uploaded Ao no Honou for my dear friend, Mikayla. xD and i still have to watch this movie. :P
and watch Nino being the most awesome actor ever~
so if anyone else wants it...:D
but it is already found on the jdramas comm. over here
and when i found it i was like dang...but hopefully someone will use my upload~! XD

so here it is.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
use HJsplit to join~! XD
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藤岡 知恵
02 July 2008 @ 01:24 am
Spreading the TOHNO LOVE GUYS!!! 
i saw funkytownosaka's post right now and then i was like i wanna post too!! so i'm copying her. hehe
atashi yappari TENSAI ne? 
i was talking to Tiffany and then i came up TOHNO!! so spread it guys!! they're both so HOT!!
i can't wait for this drama!!! 
HOMG!! Tiffany!! i saw that!!! "I feel like 1,000 yen!!" 1,000 yen = $10 
we were laughing our butts off!! 
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藤岡 知恵
  1. 1. Nishikido Ryo- he's just HOT!! he's a good actor. i mean last friends.....he's soooo KOWAII!! I like how he's kind of mean, but he's really nice and sweet too. I LOVE his smile! it's too cute!! and RYOPI!! they're such good friends i love it!! but don't worry RYO, toma won't steal him away!! hehe...
  2. Yamashita Tomohisa- *sigh* oh, Yamapi!! Yamapi is such a good actor!! i liked kurosagi and how he was mean but still lovable!! and in nobuta wo produce AKIRA SHOCK!! KON!! i loved his weird character!! too bad he didn't confess to her. His voice is soooooo good too!! i love when his voice goes high. like that one part in Love Song. anyone? i dunno. I love him!! and in Stand Up!! he likes CHIE!! ME!! hehe....too bad he didn't end up with her.
  3. Toma Ikuta- TOMA!! NAKATSU!! i loved him in Hana Kimi!! homo jya nai!! hehe...he's just soooooo lovable!! and TOMAPI!! They're such good friends too!! I wish they debuted together!! that would be awesome!!
    too bad toma smokes though, but a lot of them do. so it can't be helped. 
  4. Matsuda Shota- He was sooooooo good in Hana Yori Dango! and he can speak pretty good english too!
    i wished he went with yuki though, but hey, who knows what would happen in the movie, right?
    I liked him in bara no........i forgot the title. i only watched the first episode but he was soooooo funny!
    I loved him!!
  5. Tamaki Hiroshi- I loved him in Nodame Cantibile! and how he always threw nodame. GYABO!!
    and he plays the guitar and sings!! and in Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru. i loved him!! he was soooooo innocent!! and he fell in love with her! i was soooooooo happy!! 
  6.  Akanishi Jin- I love Akanishi!! i liked him in Gokusen 2, he was funny. like that part where he accidentally talks about her family, and then she pretends to shoot him and he does that thing. i loved that part! and he has such a good voice!! I just hope he doesn't get too full of himself. 
  7. Matsumoto Jun- I liked his Domyouji character. his dumb, stubborn, proud character. i loved how he made all those funny mistakes and can't admit he's wrong. and he can be soooooooo cool!! his voice isn't too great, but i like it. hehe.....
  8. Ohno Satoshi- I know he's not really an actor but..........he's good!! his voice is soooooo good too!!
    i'm glad he didn't become the rapper, it just wouldn't fit. YAY!! Riida!! he's a good artist too!! (a lot better than sho's, but i still love sho's drawings!) 
  9.  Ninomiya Kazunari- i like Nino!! he was sooooo good in Letters! i'm glad he didn't die!! which reminds 
    me of that guy who wanted to die but didn't and jsut slept through the whole thing!! and in Stand Up!! he was sooooo good!! his EEEEEEHHH!?!?! i'm glad he cut his hair!! it looks soooo much better!! 
    and his NA......NI......KA? he didn't look up! he's into his ds too much!!

     10.     Koyama Keiichiro- I love his personality!! he's sooooooo nice and gentle!! he's like the mother of NewS. he takes care of them!! he's soooooo positive all the time too! anyone would love that type of guy.

YAY!! i finished!! i couldn't decide for the last four.

Yeah, i couldn't figure out how to set this up. 

so what i'm saying now should've been on the top.

presentiment_xxtagged me to list my top ten favorite actors, so there it was.

now i guess i have to tag five other people. so i choose........mino_chan, stardustii, nozomichan(i know you don't like meme's but hehe.....), xlolitsnozomix, and trishatorga
hope you guys have some time in your busy schedules.




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藤岡 知恵
29 March 2008 @ 08:18 pm
Kon! I'm kind of new to this. My friend told me to make one. Let's see, I think I'm into this Nishikido Ryo faze. I think before I was in a Ikuta Toma faze. But I still like him too. I also like Yamapi! He's sooooo kakoii! I LOVE NewS and Arashi!! OHNO!! he's my favorite in Arashi. I LOVE Ohmiya!! They're sooo cute and funny together!Today I was sooooo bored. I did pretty much nothing. I went to buy vegetables but that's about it. Don't you just love Ryo! Oh, I was watching some KAT-TUN skits on youtube. I'm starting to love Akanshi! This week I went to a ramen shop and they had this wall where famous people who came can sign it, and you'll never guess who's name I saw!............KAT-TUN! I'll put in a picture when I know how.